Mental Health in the News: January 21-27, 2013

Sports (Update): Royce White has been reinstated to the Houston Rockets after months of discord between the athlete and the team concerning White’s demands for accommodations for his mental health needs. According to reports, such a protocol may soon be added to White’s contract. (Sports Illustrated)

Cedar Rapids, IA: A young woman’s advocacy for others with schizophrenia sets the scene for a report on increased attention on mental illness in children. (Des Moines Register)

Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University is expanding its capacity for offering mental health services and expansion by moving into a formerly abandoned building and adding an outpatient center to St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center for student training. (Syracuse Post-Standard)

Philadelphia, PA: CBS Philly is one of several outlets still reporting on the need to understand that mental illness and gun violence are not as inextricably linked as much post-Newtown discussion implies. (CBS Philly)

United States: The DSM-V is facing criticism for changes to definitions regarding alcohol use that would define binge drinking common in college-age groups as alcoholism. Critics of the decision emphasize that, according to several studies, most people who drink heavily in college do not become lifelong alcoholics. (CNN, via Time)

United States: A Denver clinical associate professor wrote a strange-but-well-meaning piece asking readers to stay on watch for dangerous individuals: “Your gut is a finely-tuned psychological assessment tool. People are inherently excellent armchair psychologists.” I hope my readers understand that while we should all be prepared to see the signs of mental health struggles in others, attempting to diagnose others or needlessly labeling anyone as “dangerous” outside of a situation where action needs to be taken is in no one’s best interest. (Huffington Post)


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