Mental Health in the News: January 14-20, 2013

Canada – The Mental Health Commission of Canada is working to address mental health in the workplace with a newly-introduced initiative. They are proposing a national standard that would apply on a voluntary basis to organizations and employers seeking to “improve workplace psychological health and safety.” (CTV News)

New York StateThe NY SAFE Act, designed to protect from gun violence, is drawing some criticism for its changes to existing mental hygiene laws. Some professionals feel that making the laws stricter will prevent consumers of mental health services from being honest with their counselors and doctors, while others say that patient-professional confidentiality would not be changed by the law. (Huffington Post)

United StatesCBS reports on efforts to standardize nationwide limitations on gun ownership to people with certain mental health histories. (CBS News)

Canada – Medical experts call for more educated treatment and discussion of eating disorders, which currently tend to ignore men. (CMAJ)

Washington, DC – The Pentagon reports that the number of military deaths by suicide may have reached a record high this year, pending the investigation of over 100 undetermined deaths. Some support is currently in place for military personnel, but the numbers indicate that services are not always sufficient or accessible (CNN)

North Dakota – State Representative Larry Klemin came under fire this week for sending an email titled “Why Men Seldom Get Depressed” to colleagues this week. (Jezebel)

MusicA$AP Rocky spoke to MTV this week to talk about his depression and struggles with suicidal thoughts. The rapper included a line about suicide on a track on his new album. (Pop Crush)

SportsHBO will be airing a special on Royce White that will “shed new on the rookie forward’s dispute with the Rockets.” In an interview with Bryant Goldberg, White discusses the importance of adding a mental health protocol to his contract. (Sports Illustrated)


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